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12 March 1955
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I am a 57 year old mother of two - grandmother of two. My younger daughter got me hooked on Spike while ago and I have been searching out Spike fiction ever since. Started as Spuffy, but then got hooked on the very long relationship between Spike and Angel!! And as I move on, I have added Spiles and Spesley to my enjoyment list. Haven't been able to get into Spander yet. Uhm, and toying with Spillow now. And I do like Buffy in stories because she is wonderful.

I've been a writer and a Montessori teacher. Now I am disabled so I am - reinventing myself again. Dabbling in writing a bit - reading a lot of Spike fanfic. I figure that, by the time I get this whole living thing figured out, it will probably be time to start over again. Sometimes the thought is amusing and intriguing, other days it is simply exhausting.