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Oct. 13th, 2014 @ 01:08 am Come sign in to the B_VERSE_PUB
All right - I have it up -

I kinda don't know how to get there or make the profile look good so I need a helper big time! You may wanna answer me here though.

You guys seemed to think a discussion place would be fun, and I agree. I really think we can all communicate like adults. I enjoy hearing different thoughts, different ideas, different beliefs. I've been enjoying some great discussion lately but they are scattered all over, and sometimes it's way late to join. I see this place as a place to post memes and questions - and reach more fans. A chocolate box of ideas! Chocolate melts, so please no flaming!

Anonymous posting allowed for those who don't want to drag the past and preconceptions along.
Oct. 8th, 2014 @ 04:15 pm I am a grandma again!
Her name is Emilia (Emmy) Grace and she was born October 1st! My third beautiful granddaughter.

emi & gma 1(1)

(BTW - I do plan on setting up the discussion site but not for a few weeks ((hug)) )
Sep. 17th, 2014 @ 09:09 pm The BTVS & ATS journal - discussion place
If I created a journal for the discussion of the two shows, would people want to post there? Anyone could make an entry and all entries would remain open. No moderators - if we start to desperately need them I'd just nuke the journal.

I am missing Buffy talk - all kinds. I'm missing being curious to see how someone answered a question and what new questions there are. I am missing real discussion - and real disagreements where people listen to each other. All my friends are adults here so I think it's possible, and barring more pressure sores, I have plenty of time.

Feel free to vote - I am thinking: No - Maybe - Probably - Yes
Sep. 11th, 2014 @ 09:29 pm Fandom drift, LJ, and a thread to talk about it all
Surgery was the 20th , and I am still feeling sore and exhausted. I'm told that this is gonna last for a few weeks, then get kinda better for months, and should be almost normal in a year. But - good part here - I really think that this is gonna do one helluva lot to get rid of the pain so anything else is worth it.

So there's been a lot of talk for a while now about how quiet things are on LJ, and I've been thinking about that since well before the surgery. Some people complained about rudeness but I haven't experienced that. I have experienced a sort of deflating.

I've only been online a for a week or two - this counts as my required sitting in a chair time. I'm no longer in any shape to spend the hours online that I used to. One hour, and I am whipped. So I had to make choices - which sites would I spend my limited time at? I started with email and facebook - just to catch up on friends and family. Then I began finding comfort fiction - old stories that didn't take brain power to digest because I can practically quote them.

After a week or so I checked out tumblr, which is the height of mindless pleasure. I know people speak of stories and essays but I stick to reblogging pretty pictures and 95% are BTVS and Angel. It's sort of like being in a candy store and making a mosaic. No need to think - just hit the button and post the pretty.

Now I am back here at LJ. This is where my people are, even if we sometimes don't talk forever. There are people here that I will love even if we never talk again. I've found real friends who reach out to me, and I have been able to reach out to others. This is a good place. But it's no longer really a Buffy & Angel place. So many fans have moved on, and even though I do love other shows, I haven't found one that even comes near to Buffy. I watch a show, and there is part of me that enjoys it, and still part of me that knows how much better Buffy did it.

I want to talk Buffy - I want to discuss questions I've had forever. A few weeks before I had the surgery I signed up at Buffy Board. I'd heard it was a complete Bangel spot, but I wanted to test it out. It's not heaven, but I like it. It's not LJ or tumblr, but it's a place where we can debate, and there are all sorts of different views. Yeah, there are a few 'hate Spike' idiots who love to repeat the same old crap. I told the most vociferous that every month we Spike fans dance skyclad under the full moon, chanting and drinking the blood of Spike haters (or melted chocolate for vegetarians). He kinda didn't know what to say after that. Since I refuse to be baited, no one really tries.

I haven't gone back to BB since before my surgery but I probably will in another week or so. It's not a place with emotional connections, but I do have to think there. I like to take my wits for a walk.

So, that's my tale of drift. I have no twitter or other bells and whistles. I have these few spots as my favorites, and fanfic as my huggy bear. Now that I am getting better, I will be coming by here more often. I'm still limited by time, pain, and pain medications. But I'd kinda like to talk about what is going on here - why are people leaving and why are people staying. I'm thinking this might just be some more growing pains. You either grow or you die - I wanna help us grow but I don't know how. Reactions? Ideas? Anything?
Apr. 24th, 2014 @ 03:54 am Quick question
Does anyone know how Jaded Jamie is? I know his journal is on hiatus and Gina got rid of hers. Just a message to let me know, and if you are in touch with him, give him my love!
Apr. 11th, 2014 @ 11:16 pm Pharmacy error
Found out why last month was so bizarre - the pharmacy tripled the dose on my pain meds at the same time that I started a new muscle relaxant. I was all over the wall - sleeping for days, insomnia, nightmares, crying, terrified of the surgery, anxious, dry mouth, dizzy, even feeling like I couldn't quite breathe - just verklempt!

So now I have to deal with that. My initial reaction was no harm, no foul - but that was immediately after the pharmacist said it was them. Then I got home and everyone was talking about how weird and awful the month was, and I started to put the real picture together in my head (no longer being drugged). I think I'm gonna follow up on this but not sure how.

It was oxycodone and instead of 5mg the pills were 15mg. I thought the new muscle relaxant was kicking my ass, never even thought it was the pain meds I normally take at the same time. I'm not sure how to go about doing anything - obviously add more to the incident report at the pharmacy.

Any advice?
Mar. 7th, 2014 @ 07:08 pm Lindani Mamashela
Lin is a student I had back in my Montessori. Montessori teacher have a child for three full years, so I know him pretty well. He's 18 now, and he wants to get back to Tucson - he is from Swaziland but is living in Botswana. I have tried for over a year to find someone I know who can rent him a room. I FOUND HIM ONE TODAY!! I cannot express the pure joy I feel. It is such a gift to be able to put some small thing right - to be a small part in a huge wave of good. It is the perfect antidote for depression.

One the downside - still getting over bronchitis, and saw the4e neurosurgeon. Will be having back surgery - and it looks like this will be a complex and difficult one. If it helps me to walk without pain it is well worth it.

LINDANI IS COMING TO AMERICA!! (Happy, jumpy, twirly dance!)
Mar. 1st, 2014 @ 12:48 am Just Rewards
Does anyone have the url of the Wayback of Just Rewards?

Hell - or any other Wayback urls of delight?
Feb. 26th, 2014 @ 09:42 pm I be pimping
Because I am addicted to No Solution. Buffy is dead. Willow goes to LA to get Faith out of jail so there's a slayer at the Hellmouth. It's twisty, unpredictable, terrific writing, and it uses even the less used characters wonderfully. She has a dead on ear for dialogue, and some terrific subtleties. And it seems like I'm about the only person who has discovered it. So go to xspike4evax and read, my friends! Read!
Feb. 25th, 2014 @ 07:23 pm Snark squad update - you won't believe this one....
Last night I realized I hadn't dropped by SS for a bit, so I did. Bad decision. Believe it or not, they are no longer mentioning Spike at all. They skip over every scene he is in, except saying he's lurking and spying when Angel and Buffy kiss. Sweeney talked about how much easier it was to review now that she could skip scenes with Ramen Noodle Head in them.

The next episode is the last, and I am betting they won't mention that he dies to save the world. Amazingly petty - hilarious! How better to show how important Spike is than to make such a huge deal about excluding him. Gah - not worth my time but it's that car wreck thing, you know.