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Jan. 21st, 2016 @ 05:19 pm tumblr
Does anyone else have a tumblr - I would love to get some links. I just reblog since I am art challenged but I'd love to reblog the stuff I see created here.

Oh, and I have an AO3 - http://archiveofourown.org/users/Bespangled
I think they are all stories I wrote and posted here first.

Psst - public post....because I want many replies.
Feb. 24th, 2015 @ 12:37 pm Kerri/Salustra died this morning.
I am so sorry to tell you all that Kerri/Salustra died this morning. She had developed a severe infection and was not able to fight it off.

Her family is trying to get some money to pay for her cremation and a small memorial. Given that Kerri was seriously disabled she had nowhere near enough put by to even pay for her medical bill co-pays. Here is the link to her YouCaring acct for those who can donate.


The family is also working to set up some sort of fandom memorial since writing and fan activities were such a big part of her life. We are working hard to arrange everything for Kerri. Thank you Everyone for all your support, thoughts, prayers and energies. I would love any suggestions as to remembering her since most of you are online what would you all like to do?


Here is Kerri's facebook page where her sister has been kind enough to pass on information to her friends.
Feb. 1st, 2015 @ 05:57 pm I am rewatching Buffy
My older daughter - the one who swore she would never watch Buffy finally caved after I showed her The Body. We've just started season three, and there are some things I had forgotten.

Given that for the last 3 years my Buffy experience has been very much favorite episodes and scenes, I'm really impressed by the flow of the seasons, and how each character grows so slowly and normally. I see all sorts of foreshadowing from lines and actions to places where certain events take place. If I were a good meta writer I would keep track of those but given my current medicated state - not so much. I find a neat bit that foreshadows, swear I will remember it, and then it goes away and I find another bit.

Faith has just arrived, and killed Kakistos. Buffy has just told Giles and Willow that Willow's spell worked and Angel was souled when she killed him. Part of me still wants Giles to realize the trouble that awaits Willow - he did tell her that this is a dark spell and she may be opening a door she can't close. But I also see how very much he was involved in bringing Buffy back, in finding out what really happened to her and giving her a safe reason to talk. I love the pretend spell as a reason.

After a period of Xander loathing, I find myself really liking young Xander. He's stalwart, and he says what is on his mind. In fact I am kind of adoring the entire cast. I know who they become but right now I'm intrigued by who they are and waiting to see again who they become - or rather how they become who they are as adults. I know, yet I am ready to see it in some new way like I am seeing all of the show.
Jan. 30th, 2015 @ 12:58 am Salustra (Kerri Hunter)
Okay - I just found out that pickamix is really alive and I am mostly confused. I know I cried all day after reading that she died. I've had some RL - but I also just gafiated because of the emotional load. (GAFIA - get away from it all - an old ST fandom term). I am sorta no one here and I like that - I have done big frog and hated it. Mostly I like to watch and sometimes talk or make comments, or beg for more of a story. But even after a few years in Buffy fandom, I find that this place can be like Braille, and I can feel things but not figure them out. There's all sorts of under currents, rip tides, and other water stuff. So - confused.

But I have kept up with Kerri because she and I were friends. We tried to write together and we had very different styles so that part didn't work. But we talked a lot about ourselves and life. We told each other things we never shared with others here (at least until recently for me).

Guys - Salustra will not be coming back to fandom. The stroke she had has robbed her of the ability to speak or move beyond the simplest things. When she is able to communicate she is doing so by blinking to her sister, and that is very rare. Mostly she is just trapped inside herself, and I don't know about you but that is my personal nightmare scenario. Her sister updates us about once a month, and posts the same updates on her own FB. I don't know what goes, I don't know who has what history, I do know that this is very much for real.

Update: Hi all, Todd and the girls went up to visit Kerri today, my allergies are getting the better of me. She was tired and not as responsive. They said she tends to respond more when I am there. The girls also took a bunch of decorations up to the room to help cheer her up. They drew pictures and put up posters. They also met up with a friend who visited her too. We are very grateful she had other visitors. Honestly the only thing we can do is give her time, prayers and time. Remember hug your loved ones! And thanks to everyone! Hugs Stacy Mikosh

I am sending reiki, and praying in my own agnostic way. But I'm not all that sure what would be best. All I know is that if it were me, I would want to move on to whatever there is next. Just wanted to share - kinda felt there are some out there who know her to some degree and maybe want to know. But, like I said, confused here.
Dec. 27th, 2014 @ 12:48 am Kerri Hunter aka Salustra

Merry Christmas Happy Yule Happy Holidays everyone! Kerri is much more awake but with the sweet comes sour. Her temp is up and so is her discomfort. We are still here everyday reading your messages and keep up hope. She is moving her head more and starting to mouth some words and smile and kiss face. Please keep her in your prayers and healing energies. Hug your loved ones, Stacy Mikosh

Kerri is still responding they are giving some occasion pain management as the lack of movement is taking its toll. Thank you all for your prayers and healing energies. We are all deeply grateful to you all. I do read your comments and such to her. I think it helps for her to know people are thinking of her. Hugs to you all and your families.

Been brooding on the pub, and would it be okay to dedicate it to pickamix? She was the other maintainer and moderator (except for the secret one she knew about). She really wanted us to have this place. I'm kinda lost here - anyone?
Dec. 9th, 2014 @ 04:44 pm Update on Salustra
We're friends on FB - here's the update Stacy posted:

Update on Kerri, Sorry we have been unable to get online as easily. Kerri has been moved to an all ICU hospital around Town N Country here in Houston. She is still on machines and unfortunately is not responding to us very well. We are giving her some time to heal.

Sadly We are also looking for some help with her cat. For the sake of grace, I will say there was confusion on who would take care of Cookie. I was called to her apartment and he was there alone. If anyone knows someone who could take in Cookie Please Private message me. It is a male white kitty.

Feel free to message me anytime. If I can I will respond. But without the interwebs things are dodgy. Keep Kerri in your prayers and healing thoughts. And please hug your family. I know it would mean the world to her.
Nov. 14th, 2014 @ 02:24 pm The Pub is open for business!
If you love to talk about BTVS and AtS but are tired of trolls, pearl-clutching, and mods with agendas and issues, then come to b_verse_pub, a brand new community that is aiming to be your destination for fun and respectful Buffyverse chats. Join up and let's get the party started!

Come grab a drink and pull up a chair!

Nov. 9th, 2014 @ 08:07 pm I be the tumblr pimp
I was reading a terrific story by tabaqui and I impulsively pimped it on my tumblr. Since then I have pimped a few, from various websites. I've been trying to pimp from Ao3, but there are stories that are here that I don't see elsewhere. So - if you don't mind my pimping your story, let me know. I am assuming that those who no longer post but left there journals open will be okay with that - why else leave your fic available? I won't pimp from anyone who does not want me to - and I may message a few people I don't see here often.

Anyone interested? Anyone rather have lit matches stuck under their fingernails? Just let me know.
Oct. 13th, 2014 @ 01:08 am Come sign in to the B_VERSE_PUB
All right - I have it up - http://b-verse-pub.livejournal.com/354.html


I kinda don't know how to get there or make the profile look good so I need a helper big time! You may wanna answer me here though.

You guys seemed to think a discussion place would be fun, and I agree. I really think we can all communicate like adults. I enjoy hearing different thoughts, different ideas, different beliefs. I've been enjoying some great discussion lately but they are scattered all over, and sometimes it's way late to join. I see this place as a place to post memes and questions - and reach more fans. A chocolate box of ideas! Chocolate melts, so please no flaming!

Anonymous posting allowed for those who don't want to drag the past and preconceptions along.
Oct. 8th, 2014 @ 04:15 pm I am a grandma again!
Her name is Emilia (Emmy) Grace and she was born October 1st! My third beautiful granddaughter.

emi & gma 1(1)

(BTW - I do plan on setting up the discussion site but not for a few weeks ((hug)) )